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4 Handy Ways to Fix Yahoo Mail Problems on BlackBerry

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Posted on: 05/03/17

Problems with Yahoo Mail are usual whether you access it in the browser or its app on the mobile device. If you face any difficulties in accessing the email account, instantly ask the solution by dialing the Yahoo mail support number. If you want to access the Yahoo Mail on your BlackBerry device, firstly make sure that there is nothing wrong with your email account. Before going further, try to log into Yahoo email account via the desktop PC. If you can log in, send an email to yourself and make sure it receives as expected. If it’s working properly, follow up these steps to solve the issues that occur when you use Yahoo Mail app.

Fix 1: Check Yahoo Mail is configured correctly

If you just set up your Yahoo email account to the device, check that you have followed all necessary steps during the setup process. Here’s how to do:

1.      Go to the ‘Applications’ window and click the ‘BlackBerry Setup’ icon, followed by the ‘Personal Email setup’ option. If you’re doing for the first time, check the instructions on BlackBerry in the ‘New Users’ heading. If the icon doesn’t appear, find the URL to reach the correct BlackBerry Internet Service site.

2.      Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Input your Yahoo email address and password. Click the ‘Next,’ followed by the ‘OK’ to verify the account setup.

Fix 2: Reboot the BlackBerry phone

Restarting the phone will refresh the app’s memory on the device. Power off your phone, and extract the battery if required. Insert the battery back in and restart the phone.

Fix 3: Delete and reconfigure the Yahoo Mail account

Sometimes, the settings related to the account on your device can become damaged. So, reading the instructions may help fix the problem. Here’s how to do:

·         Remove your email account

1.       From the BlackBerry Home screen, click the Setup >> Settings >> Email Settings.

2.       Select the email address for removing it. Once the menu appears, click the ‘Delete’ option.

3.       Click the ‘Yes’ button to make sure that the email account is to be removed.

•    Re-add Yahoo Mail account

1.       Click the Setup | Email Settings on the Home screen. Click the ‘Add’ button.

2.       Choose Yahoo email account as the type and click the ‘Next.’

3.       Input your email account address and password and click the ‘Next.’

4.       Type your Yahoo email account login credentials. Click the ‘Continue’ button.

5.       Check your account info and click the ‘Save’ option.

Fix 4: Update Yahoo password on BIS site

If you have just changed your Yahoo mail account password, you will require updating it in the BIS site to apply the changes. The website address differs per carrier; however, it may be same as In that case, you don’t know how to modify the password on the BIS site, then either consult with the carrier or call on the Yahoo mail customer service number 2017 for further solution.


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