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Install and Configure Kodak Printer under Experts Guidance

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Posted on: 01/03/18

If you have just purchased a new Kodak printer for the Office usages and want to install and configure it on your business system, you first need to download and install the updated version of drivers and software. Windows can automatically detect many printers and install the drivers, but you always not find the updated version of drivers on your operating system controller’s database. As well, some Kodak printers might not be determined by the operating system. To fix these issues, you can instantly dial the Kodak printer technical support number to get installation process.  Here’s how to do.

Firstly, locate the Kodak printer’s model number, which you usually find in the front or on the side.

Visit the Kodak support site and download the latest version of drivers’ software. Type the model number and choose the operating system to download the compatible programs.

Connect your printer to the PC by following the guidance given in the box.

Click the Start menu and then the ‘Control Panel.’ Click the ‘Hardware’ option and then choose the ‘Printers.’ Click the ‘Add Printer’ button. Note down to use the suggested port.

Choose the printer brand and then the model. Click the ‘Next’ button and the wizard will be installed. Now, take a test print to check it works fine.

When you follow up the steps cited above, you can install your Kodak printer correctly on your system. If you’re still facing any technical issue, dial the Kodak printer customer service number to get quick support and installation steps to fix the problems.


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